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Audio output settings

What are audio output settings?

Audio output settings allow you to select an audio device to output Flash related sound, regardless of your system’s default audio selection. Users that have multiple audio output devices may choose to change this setting to override their system default.

What happens if I do nothing?

Adobe Flash Player automatically detects your default audio device, so sound from Flash content will play without modifying this setting. In fact, there’s no reason to change this setting unless you need to override your system’s default audio choice.

What can I change?

You can select one audio output device from the list of available audio output devices on your system.

What happens if I select another audio device?

After you confirm your selection and close the Settings dialog, audio will playback through the newly selected device.

How can I display this panel again?

You may want to display this panel again if, for example, you want Flash Player to output audio to a different device. To display the Audio Output panel:

  1. Right‐click (windows) or Control‐click (Macintosh) the application image while it is playing.
  2. From the context menu, select Settings, and then click the Audio Output tab.

Why don’t I see my audio devices listed on Google Chrome?

To see your audio and video devices listed in Google Chrome, you must first grant permission when asked by Chrome. After granting permission, refresh the web page and open the Flash Player settings dialog again to make your selection.